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Meredith headshot 12-25-2013bAVATAR abluebrownMeredith_headshot_12252013bMeredith Marple is a former independent publisher and current writer of memoir and fiction. New England-born, she spent most of her childhood in Cleveland, Ohio, before returning to college in Massachusetts. With a B.S. in zoology from Tufts University, she enjoyed a career in educational publishing before switching over to trade publishing and then writing.

She may have left esoteric aspects of “hard science” behind her, but she never lost her love for the life sciences, evidenced by a fascination with human and animal behavior that permeates her writing. In her debut memoir essay, WHAT TOOK SO LONG?, personal relationships take center stage. In her debut novel, THE YEAR MRS. COOPER GOT OUT MORE, a cat and a moose play key cameo roles while psychology, friendship, lust, healing potions, pills, and love boost and complicate the humans’ lives. Marple splits her time between Maine, where her novel is set, and Florida, where she learned mahjong as described in her essay.

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